Webinar : The Secrets of Growing your Implant Practice

Are you looking to grow your implant practice? Then Dr Nav Ropra’s inspirational webinar is an opportunity not to be missed!

Dr Ropra will shares his insights and tips to increase the ‘wow’ factor when providing implants to patients.

Watch now!

Dr Nav Ropra

Dr Nav Ropra is an Internationally sought after Human Behavioural Educator and Inspirational Public Speaker who has taught on three continents. Having successfully ran both NHS and private practices, he focused on 24 hour emergency dental care for 14 years where he researched the power of healing consciousness while expanding his clinical abilities and practice. Dr Nav Ropra now researches, travels, writes, speaks and gives workshops about universal principles relating to human behaviour, human potential, awareness and maximising leadership. He presents his empowering programmes to Health Care Professionals from many different sectors, in order for them to become Masters of their practices and deal with issues in the areas of; business, finance, leadership, relationships, conflict resolution, personal development, health and management.

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