Prospects into patients: the secrets to growing your implant practice

What you do, and how you do it matter

Patients have a vast amount of choice and information available to them in the palms of their hands.  Window shopping has become replaced by the mobile phone screen, increasing competition between practices and making the ability to decide so much easier.

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Consequently, our skill set has become even more diverse than it has ever been.  As practice owners, we need to know about elaborate marketing schemes, website design, search engine optimisation, social media to name a few in an attempt to attract patients to our practices.  However, once we get them through the door, if our team, clinical abilities or implant selling skills are not up to the mark, then don’t be surprised if you never hear from the prospective patient again.

The reasons why patients don’t return are endless and common examples include; something that you or your receptionist said which rubbed the patient up the wrong way, you may have not addressed the patient’s wants and instead focused on their needs, or the patient may not see value in what you are offering them.

Long gone are the days when our postgraduate qualifications were the only reasons why patients came to us.  In addition the people relationship factor now plays an important part; our mannerisms, communication, care, integrity and selling ability are paving the way forwards.

Therefore to increase our implant treatment uptake rates and provide a better service, we must find a way to self audit, change and improve everyday so we are not making the same mistakes over and over again and getting left behind.

If you want to make the right changes in your practice, ask your patients one simple question What can we do to serve you better?  A feedback questionnaire is vital to gather information before, during and after treatments especially from those who declined them.  It will give you insight into what needs improving so that your message and market are both matched using the right methods.


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Dr Nav Ropra

Dr Nav Ropra is an Internationally sought after Human Behavioural Educator and Inspirational Public Speaker who has taught on three continents. Having successfully ran both NHS and private practices, he focused on 24 hour emergency dental care for 14 years where he researched the power of healing consciousness while expanding his clinical abilities and practice. Dr Nav Ropra now researches, travels, writes, speaks and gives workshops about universal principles relating to human behaviour, human potential, awareness and maximising leadership. He presents his empowering programmes to Health Care Professionals from many different sectors, in order for them to become Masters of their practices and deal with issues in the areas of; business, finance, leadership, relationships, conflict resolution, personal development, health and management.

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