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Future Simplicity in Soft Tissue Management

“There is no aesthetic without soft tissue harmony” – Marius Steigmann.

The achievement of optimal aesthetics around anterior dental implants has been a major challenge for many clinicians. The key to an aesthetically pleasing appearance lies in the clinician’s ability to properly manage the soft tissue profile around dental implants.

Imagine an approach of simplicity in soft tissue management, if anyone has the know how it’s Dr Marius Steigmann. Delegates of the BioHorizons annual symposium learnt how to augment soft tissue biotypes with simplified instrumentation, materials and protocol to achieve tension free closure and predictable aesthetics.

Why should you attend?

After osseointegration and function, patients expect an aesthetic result from implant dentistry, however, aesthetically pleasing results are not possible without soft tissue perfection.

‘Perfection’ meaning soft tissue quality in the non-aesthetic zone and natural architecture in the aesthetic zone.

Dr Marius Steigmann shared new simplified techniques for UK dentists to achieve predictable soft tissue architecture. Any dentist involved in implant dentistry should be able to accomplish this goal and Dr Steigmann explained how.

Case study

The below images give an example of the technique and work of Dr Steigmann. They show how the papilla was built to ensure an aesthetically pleasing result in implant dentistry.

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