Communication Based Implant Dentistry

Course Description

BioHorizons is proud to present Dr Lincoln Harris.

Dr Harris will share his expertise and develop delegates understanding on how to communicate effectively with patients suitable for implant treatment.  This is a day not to be missed! Dr Harris will challenge delegates thinking on how effective they really are at communicating with their patients.

Delegates will learn or understand:

  • Why our training reduces our communication skills?
  • Emotional vs logical communication?
  • How to simplify language and avoid jargon?
  • What goal-language the patient speaks?
  • How to find the patients’ long term goals?
  • Why patients rarely tell us what they really want?
  • How proper consent protects us legally, provides better outcomes and gives happier patients?
  • How communication helps us decide when to do an implant and when not to?
  • How to build failure into treatment planning?
  • How to build future costs into treatment planning?
  • The difference between simple and complex cases in the work up?
  • How varying the consultation process for easy and complex cases increases case acceptance and decreases risks?
  • What to do when it all goes wrong?
  • Parafunction and peri-implantitis?

Learning Objectives

  • To understand deeper and more effective communication
  • To learn how communication massively reduces failure rates
  • Planning complex vs simple cases
  • Dealing with complications

Course Date

Thursday 18th October 2018


Naim Dangoor Theatre
1 Wimpole Street,


7 hours


£150 + VAT

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Presented By:

Lincoln Harris

Lincoln Harris

Meet Restoring Excellence and RIPE founder, Dr Lincoln Harris. Dr Harris is a full-time clinician in private practice and as a teacher, he is unique in his strong belief about the importance of learning from and sharing his own failures. His view is that the meticulous documentation of these cases with photos and/or video makes it possible to wring every possible benefit from that other great teacher – Hindsight.

Dr Harris’s own experience has taught him that theoretical learning means little until it is applied. And so, his courses focus on hands-on training and teaching dentists to understand the underlying principles needed for making clinical decisions. He believes it’s important for dentists to be able to think treatment through without needing to follow a list of steps. With his vast and varied clinical and business knowledge, Dr Lincoln Harris is highly respected in the global dental community.

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