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Goals are essential for mastery in the dental industry

Its who you become on the journey that counts

A goal can be defined as the object of a persons effort or ambition

Goals are stepping stones in the journey of our lives. They give us a sense of accomplishment and belonging and an inner feeling of fulfilment when completed.

They become the backdrop on which we are able to challenge ourselves and they define who we are.

Master Practitioner

The Master practitioner is the one who is absolutely clear and methodically plans goals in every finer detail in order for them to accomplish what they would love to do. They set out daily, weekly, monthly, yearly goals and beyond. For example; it may be starting new implant procedures, increasing patient numbers or expanding their practice. Whatever goal you may have, it is wise to sit down and plan it.

One of the main reasons why goals don’t work is that the goal was not authentic or meaningful.   If the goal is a fantasy idea, is not your own, or has no basis in reality, then you will run the risk of not engaging with it or accomplishing it. If this happens, you will then become frustrated and have negativity towards yourself and feel like a failure. Be mindful of this. These emotional, negative feelings are a corrective feedback mechanism to awaken you to the fact that you are not creating goals which are truly meaningful to you.

Create Meaningful Goals

One technique to create meaningful goals is to become centered and close your eyes and look inside yourself and ask what specifically is the highest priority action step or goal that I can achieve today, or this week or this month or this year. It is better to create one goal which you are certain about rather than several uncertain goals which are unreal. Start with what you know and let what you know grow and then add more detail.

Then, write down that goal in a way that it can be measured and you have a specific time and date. e.g. I want to place 20 implants before my next birthday. Take the time to write this goal down in detail and refine it until it becomes tearful inspiration when you read it. Vague goals produce vague results but clear goals produce clear results.

In addition create one breakthrough goal which, when you accomplish, will skyrocket you in that area. This will be the one which changes your life, puts you in touch with new people, places and ideas.


Review your goals at least three times a day so that you remain focused and in inspired action. Create a goals book or vision board which has pictures, words or phrases and cut-outs from magazines to emphasise points. Use your smartphone as a goals reminder.

Having someone to hold you accountable is also a great way to ensure you are on track. Put contingencies in place if things go wrong as you will have fears on the inside and obstacles on the outside challenging you. Finally, reward yourself when your goals have been achieved.

Who you become on the journey towards your goals is just as important as accomplishing the goal itself. This is where Mastery is created and this is what creates fulfilment in life.

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