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The Successful Dental Practitioner

“Everyone has their own idea of success.  What’s yours?”

Success is very subjective and depends on our values.  What is important to one person may not be important to another as no two people see success in the same way.  For example, one person may think that having a dental practice which makes lots of money is successful.  However, another person may see having a connected and caring family as successful.  As we have a natural habit of comparing our success to other people’s, this can lead to conflicts within ourselves and with others.  We can sometimes misunderstand success, who we are and what we have when we compare.

When we compare, we undermine our own decisions, confidence and self-belief.  This is because every decision that we have ever made is based upon what we perceive as giving us the greatest reward over risk to our highest values.  The money that we have accumulated, the relationships that we are in, the job that we have, the car that we own.  These are all expressions of how we have made decisions and acted in order to fulfil our highest values and get our needs met.

It is therefore essential that we honour ourselves and not put other people who we perceive as more successful than us, on emotional pedestals and look up to them. Conversely, it is just as important that we don’t put those who we perceive as less successful than us, into emotional pits and look down on them. If we do either of these two things, then we reduce our innate abilities to create.

As our genius and creativity is expressed in our highest values then finding that out is essential if you want success on your terms.  If the success you seek is not in the form that you currently have it in, then create a strategy in order to change your values in order to change your life.

One of the most profound statements of the 21st century in the personal development sector is that we can change our thoughts, beliefs and actions in order to change our lives.  The first step is to honour the form of success that you currently have.  The small successes in life as well as the major ones.

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