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Increase the number of dental patients with automated emails

Using e-mail to help more local people eat, smile and chew with confidence.

As a dental health professional you have the responsibility of looking after your patient’s dental health, usually this is with the practical application of your skills learned at dental school and with the education/advice that you can provide to patients face-to-face.

If you could educate more patients about their dental health and how they can solve their dental problems (such as replacing missing teeth) then you build trust in the local community and demonstrate that you have a genuine commitment to helping people.

Demonstrating that you genuinely care is a very powerful marketing message.

In this short article I will list step-by-step how you can use e-mail to help more local people eat, smile and chew again with confidence.

(I recommend you use Aweber to manage your gentle e-mail campaigns)


Create a free downloadable guide which answers all of your patient’s questions about replacing missing teeth, include in it:

  • Why a patient should replace missing teeth, talk about function as well as aesthetics.
  • What are the options for replacing missing teeth, talk about doing nothing, implants, dentures and bridges.
  • Techniques you used to make replacing missing teeth comfortable.
  • Information about being the right candidate for implants.
  • Information about longevity of dental implants.
  • Testimonials from patients that have had teeth replaced at your practice.
  • Information about what to do next and how the patient can take action.


Put the guide on your website and allow prospective patients to download it in exchange for an e-mail address.


Schedule gentle e-mail follow-ups which go out in intervals in the Fibonacci series (You know how important that number series is in creating the perfect smile!), consider using the following e-mail titles at the proposed intervals:

  • Email 1: Send immediately as an introduction and attach your free guide.
  • Email 2: Wait 1 day and then send.  “How comfortable are dental implants?”
  • Email 3: Wait 2 days and then send. “How much do dental implants cost?”
  • Email 4: Wait 3 days and then send “Information about dental health and replacing missing teeth “
  • Email 5: Wait 5 days and then send “More information about dental health and replacing missing teeth”
  • Email 6: Wait 8 days and then send “Places to go to find out more about dental implants”
  • Email 7: Wait 13 days and then send “Information about your free consultation or refund of initial assessment [or whatever your practice offers as an incentive]”
  • Email 8: Wait 21 days and then send “Send the free guide again just in case they have mislaid it”
  • Email 9: Wait 34 days and then send “Direct call to action to request an appointment”

You will notice that the e-mails get further and further apart (due to the Fibonacci numbering sequence), tests indicate that this gets a better response rate and is less annoying for recipients.

I recommend you use your creativeness to come up with e-mail titles which reflect the character and personality of your dental practice.

Creating a gentle e-mail follow-up series like this is simply providing useful, free and relevant advice relating to that specific prospective patient’s concerns. So long as the patient wants to receive the information, has signed up on your website asking for information and has the option to unsubscribe at any time then e-mails can be an extremely powerful way to educate, engage and convert website visitors.

I recommend you use Aweber to manage your gentle e-mail campaigns, this system can automate the entire process so that your e-mail marketing works 24/7.

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