How self audits enable dental implant practice growth

‘The Master practitioner focuses on details’

There are certain essential documents that your dental practice needs to have, in order for it to be compliant and to ensure quality patient care.

Just like the practice needs auditing, the individuals need to audit themselves so that they are also compliant with the standards of care that is expected of them.

One way of doing is to have a check list of what works’  for you in practice and what does not work  for you in practice.

If your patient care didn’t go as you had planned, it is easy to get caught up in the emotions instead of creating solutions to prevent the problem from happening again.  This check list will help you to create and focus on the solutions.

A simple example of this may be that you forgot to take a pre operative impression of the tooth which you were preparing a crown on.  Hence making a well fitting temporary crown would be difficult after you have prepared the tooth.  To prevent this situation from happening again, you may want to add to your ‘what works’ list something like; ‘Remember to take a pre op impression before doing a crown prep’.

This may appear very simple, but a solid foundation of the basics is necessary in order for your practice to grow.  Analysing how you do things, and auditing your work on a patient by patient basis is essential for you to ensure clinical excellence in your practice.

Review your check list at least every 3 months so that you keep on reminding yourself not to make the same mistakes again.  Remember, awareness is futile without action.  Knowing about something is useless unless you apply it.  To get the results you are looking for, you will need to continually change and take action.

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