Why your practice should be targeting baby boomers for dental implants

Baby Boomers and the implant boon

Officially, the Baby Boomer generation comprises those born between 1946 and 1964. In 2016, that equates to men and women who will be between the ages of 70 and 52 this year. They make up roughly a quarter of the UK’s population, which extrapolates to over 16 million people. 1

What we also know about Baby Boomers is that they are financially much better off than previous generations and those that will come after them, they are happy to spend that money on themselves, and they are concerned about their health.

As a Mintel report into marketing to Baby Boomers states: ‘Whilst many Baby Boomers enjoy financial stability, health is a major consideration for all in this generation. Brands could benefit from focusing on this aspect through their marketing, offering help, guidance and advice to Baby Boomers with existing conditions, or positioning products as helping to keep potential health issues at bay.’1

Meanwhile, the latest Adult Dental Health Survey (2009) indicates that while edentulism has improved over the decades, the mean number of teeth among dentate adults is 25.7, with an average of just 17.9 sound and untreated teeth, although this varied considerably according to age. Not surprisingly, the older the cohort, the fewer sound and untreated teeth were in their mouth.2

In January 2016, The Telegraph asked what the over-55s were spending their pensions on and dental implants – as well as whole new set of teeth – were on the list, alongside other looks-boosting procedures such as breast augmentation and face lifts.3

With the Office for National Statistics suggesting men and women aged 65 years could expect to live for an additional 18 to 20 years,4 you ignore implant marketing to the Baby Boomers to the peril of your business.

Baby Boomers can equal a dental practice boon for many, many years to come. Combining all of this information, after all, leaves plenty of scope for the proactive implant dentist.


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