The 10X SOI (Sales over Investment) Digital Marketing Checklist

Marketing has become a 1,000-piece jigsaw of activities over the last 10 years and it can be overwhelming for the busy Principal or Manager to embrace the totality of activities and options.

This is arguably most apparent in the digital landscape, where that famous phrase “you don’t know what you don’t know” seems appropriate.

After many hours in conversation with clients I have realized that, in actual fact, the savvy dental entrepreneur doesn’t want to know how things work, they simply want to know that they are getting value for money from their marketing spend.


The confusion for the non-digital native around SEO, PPC, AdWords, Re-targeting, Social Media, CRM software and a host of other terms can be avoided with one simple question to put to any external or internal marketer:

“I gave you my money – what value did I get back?”

Try getting that question answered every month.

So here rests a dilemma.

Clients want to know what they are supposed to “do about” digital marketing and at 7connections we have come up with what we call a “quick and dirty” self-assessment for our prospective new clients, to evaluate what they are doing at the moment.

Grab a coffee and take the test in less than 5 minutes – see how you score, marks out of a possible 21.

  • Ideally, the Champions League practice would score all 21 points – but I’m a realist.
  • However, if you score below 16 I suggest that you take a serious look at your digital marketing strategy as I’m going to suggest that you are letting thousands of pounds of profit and hundreds of potential patients slip through your fingers.
  • Score below 12 and you are missing the boat completely.


Why a 10X System?

Because when we help our clients to build and implement their marketing strategy, we want every £10,000 invested in marketing to generate £100,000 of additional sales revenue after 6-12 months of construction and deployment.

That’s where we set the bar and hold ourselves accountable and we are happy to be judged on our results.

Take the test.

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