Your questions are an essential part of growing your dental implant practice

The quality of your practice is defined by the quality of the questions that you ask yourself on a daily basis.  This is an essential component in growing your practice because the answers you have and the solutions you create will determine the direction of the business.

Ultimately dentistry is a business but this is something which is overtaken by our abilities to care for our patients.  However, we are in the business of caring for people and so both aspects need to be remembered and addressed.

Just like we ask ourselves quality questions when doing any dental procedure, for example the history taking, confirming the diagnosis, treatment planning and the treatment procedures for a patient, we need to also ask ourselves quality business questions.  Examples include what staff we need to hire, how to set up a marketing campaign, your sales process when talking about implants to patients.

It is therefore essential that we as practitioners and business owners, (principal or associate) start to ask quality business questions in order to make the business side of our practice more effective and efficient and see that too as part of our care for patients.  Instead of a haphazard approach, become more strategic in the implementation of your ideas and always test and map out the progress of anything you do that affects the business.  Remember to involve the whole team in this process.

Just like we take diagnostic scans of patients to check the availability of space for implants, we must also gather diagnostic information of where the practice is, and then strategically adjust our processes in order to maximise the returns we have on our investments.

The two processes caring for your patients and caring for your implant practice seem miles apart, however there are overlaps in the process that have commonalities.  Finding those common threads and remembering to put the same efforts behind both of them will stand you in good stead for growth of your implant practice and care of your patients.

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