3 reasons implant dentistry could lead to your career success

Throughout the last 10 years, implantology has become a fundamental part of dentistry. It is the treatment of first choice for the rehabilitation of functional, anatomical or aesthetic problems arising from tooth loss and dramatically improves the quality of life of patients.

It isn’t possible to study implantology at an undergraduate level; you must complete postgraduate study, whether it be commercial or company orientated courses or postgraduate university programmes. Life as a dentist can be challenging, varied and rewarding—specialising in implant dentistry is one career option that reflects this. If you are willing to commit to further education and slowly building your competence, experience and skills, specialising as an implantologist is well worth it. Implant dentistry is a career full of opportunities from professional respect, patient satisfaction, remuneration, personal fulfilment and a developing industry.

Here are a few reasons why implant dentistry could lead to your career success:

1. Job stability and financial security

Dentistry is a stable industry to work in—dentistry has one of the lowest unemployment rates. As the population ages and cosmetic dental services become increasingly popular, the demand for dental procedures including implants will increase. By 2022, the estimated US and European market for dental implants is expected to reach $4.2 billion and it’s unlikely an alternative will become available in the next few years meaning implants will become the treatment of choice for edentulous patients.

Unlike some professions, dentistry allows you to have a rewarding and fast-paced but balanced lifestyle between work, family and social life.

2. An exciting future

Digital technology is dramatically evolving and advancing dentistry; digital solutions have significantly improved workflow efficiency and patients benefit from the combination of efficient processes, accurate high-strength materials, and beautiful aesthetics. Specifically to implantology the switch from analogue to digital, and new generation materials has resulted in more sophisticated treatment planning, safer surgery and higher quality restorations.

Implantology is undergoing rapid advances and will continue to evolve with the emergence of new surgical, regenerative and restorative materials and techniques that are becoming available, such as;
– Cone beam computerised tomography images used in treatment-planning software.
– CAD-CAM manufacture processes and the availability of zirconium dioxide as a high performance material.

The momentum that cosmetic and restorative dentistry is progressing is phenomenal, with the likes of digital smile dentistry and other implant solutions evolving all the time. Digital smile design allows patients to choose their smile and see the proposed solution and results before any work commences. Rectifying teeth misalignment, chipping and misplacement can be life-changing for your patient.

3. Patient satisfaction

Dental implants as an alternative form of tooth replacement other than dentures and bridges, provide an incredible high standard of results. As an implantologist you can significantly improve the quality of life of those who have suffered tooth loss such as veterans or cancer treatment patients through trauma. Tooth loss can cause functional, aesthetic and psychological problems. The transformation from dental implants will not only re-establish a patient’s self-esteem but also improve functionality, and ultimately result in a happy and confident patient. In a Swedish survey of 3,827 dental implant patients 94% were satisfied with the overall and aesthetic result of their implant(s), and 83% think that the treatment was worth the cost and would consider implant treatment again.

In short, if you’re looking for a rewarding career in dentistry, and are looking for a speciality that will provide you with long-term growth opportunity and continued development, you should consider a career in implantology.

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