3 ways to advance your career as an implant dentist

Whether you’re an associate dentist or a practice owner, you’ll often be thinking about how you can progress in your career as an implantologist. These 3 steps will move you up the ladder and establish your place within the profession.

Enrol on courses

Placing implants requires complex skills, and to be considered the best you need to expand on these skills and keep up-to-date with the newest techniques and trends. Enrolling on courses and growing your knowledge will differentiate you from the rest of the pack and help you to establish a great reputation. Whether you decide to learn about the newest digital solutions, implant maintenance or learning how to empower patients to care for their implants at home, all additional knowledge and skill will further your career and be beneficial to your practice.

Create a brand

Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business. Establishing a brand for yourself and your practice is essential for gaining new patients and making enrolment on educational courses even more worth your while. Generating a clear visual identity, starting with a name change or new logo, which projects the image of your practice and its values, will help attract new patients and drive the income up. Beyond this, you need to maintain existing patients with brand consistency across all areas of your business—the décor, the products, team behaviour and interaction, and all marketing materials. You need to attract new patients through meaningful engagement and marketing, i.e. users will engage with your brand on your website so offer online audiences value through informative blogs. Creating a brand that customers recognise is imperative.


Whether you’re a newly qualified dentist, associate or practice owner, networking with your peers is beneficial. Building long-lasting connections within the field can be valuable in several ways:

  • It can lead to personal recommendations and create new opportunities.
  • It enables you to glean advice on treatment planning, office management and new technologies.
  • It provides support within a difficult field of dentistry.Networking at industry events is not the only way to develop opportunities—social media networking is beneficial too. Not only are you able to communicate with industry peers but the likes of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, present a marketing opportunity for implantologists to promote their skills and practices. Social media networking provides:
  1. High visibility to many people
  2. Personalised connectivity with potential clients
  3. Personal image enhancement and self-promotion

Further your career and separate yourself from peers by signing up to one of our educational courses this June.

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