4 ways to enhance your career as an ambitious dentist

Become a specialist

Continuing your education and specialising in a dental discipline such as orthodontics or periodontics, is a respectable way to revive your career in clinical dentistry. Becoming a specialist will open-up many doors leading to career success—you will learn highly intricate procedures and gain highly regarded skills. Many specialist disciplines have an exciting future. For example, implantology is a billion-dollar industry, which continues to have improved materials, technologies and clinical procedures—those who want to be the best in the field, will stay ahead of the trends and educate themselves further. There’s rapid development in digital workflows within this particular field, which will no doubt prove for an exciting career treating patients and gaining a great reputation. Specialising is demanding but highly-rewarding, with options of working in hospital, at a specialist practice (or even opening-up your own), teaching and pursuing research interests.

Run your own practice

Opening your own dental practice is one of the biggest business decisions you are likely to make. Although there are many challenges, i.e. costs, time and careful planning, starting your own private practice can be one of the most rewarding accomplishments for dentists. You will be organising a venture, which will have both financial and personal benefits, and the ability you demonstrate to make decisions and provide treatment that directly influences the quality of care and life of patients is often a coveted career choice.

Work abroad

Although you will need to register with or be licensed by the appropriate regulatory authority, working abroad as a dentist can provide better skill-sets, new experiences and perhaps more money. Working abroad provides an opportunity to learn something new, whether it be the local language or new and local procedures. It is a clear expansion of your professional learning and development. Working abroad allows you to expand your dental network of patients and peers. Furthermore, your new employer might reward you for the potential risk you are taking by moving to a new country. Australia is a popular destination for UK and Irish expatriates, offering high standards of living and a place to further a career and any dentist with a Bachelor Degree obtained from the UK or Ireland may have qualifications that may be acceptable to Dental Registration Boards for immediate registration.

Become an opinion-leader

Shake-up your career and gain a huge amount of respect by becoming an influential member of the dental industry whom others turn to for advice, opinions and views. Social media has redefined what an opinion-leader is, for example a Twitter user with a large following who publicises their thoughts and opinions, is likely to be considered one, but it’s still important to become an educational speaker, talking at lectures and events.

Whether or not you are ready to embark on a new life abroad or to set up your own practice, it’s important to remain ambitious and driven by challenging and educating yourself about new materials, technologies and clinical procedures.

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